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ADON InfoTech offers a world-leading digital marketing and sales tool. The tool replaces inefficient and expensive ways of working with a smart and user-friendly solution for advertising.

Production and distribution on your terms

ADON InfoTech offers manual, semi- or fully automated ways for companies to advertise in just a few minutes. Our powerful all-in-one tool makes it easy to create and publish different types of ads at both the central and local levels. Choose to order ready-made, professional ad templates for your campaigns from us or upload custom ad templates in the desired formats. All commissioned templates are delivered in multiple formats so that the campaigns can be published in hundreds of digital channels.

The ad templates ordered at the central level can be shared in the tool with local businesses or retailers so they can easily publish their own campaigns based on local demand. It takes only a few minutes to create thousands of locally-tailored variations of a campaign that appear in channels relevant to customers in each locality or region. When an ad is localized, the name, address, and web link to the local business are automatically created in the ad, so that customers are directed to a specific store or workshop.

Smart product and sharing features

By linking your product catalog to the tool, local businesses across the country can easily select products for their campaigns that fit the local target audience. This allows the creation of an unlimited number of variations of ads based on a single template.

ADON InfoTech offers a powerful media mix of 500+ sites, play channels, digital screens and social media that allows your business to choose exactly where you appear. Customize your media mix yourself or let ADON InfoTech choose the right channels for you. Choose from which dates and times of day the promotion is displayed to optimize your customer engagement.

Local businesses can choose to export campaigns to their local Facebook or Instagram page. The tool also offers the function of going one step further and sponsoring campaigns to generate greater reach.

Cut costs and save time

With ADON InfoTech's advertising tools, you avoid expensive intermediaries and make your marketing both cost and time efficient. You can choose to manage all or part of the marketing process yourself, or let us do everything for you.

New ads no longer need to be ordered with each ad campaign, but the ad templates can be usefully reused by changing the image, product and text. Time spent creating ads from scratch for each campaign can be devoted to other things, and the production cost of creating local campaigns can be reduced by up to 90%.

Crowdfunded marketing

Allocating your business's central marketing budget has never been easier. You choose whether you want to manage and pay for all advertising across the country at a central level, or if you want to contribute an individual marketing sum to each local business so that they can publish campaigns at desired times.

Vill man istället sköta och betala för all annonsering genom verktyget på en central nivå eller bidra med en individuell marknadsföringssumma till varje lokala verksamhet, fungerar det också.

How is the tool used?


Lekias butiker i Sverige och Norge kan med ett anpassat verktyg som är integrerat med Lekias webshop enkelt nu ut med sina nyheter och erbjudanden till sina lokala kunder. Se filmen.

Sportson aktiverar inventory2sales™

Sportsons e-handelsplattform kopplas ihop med verktyget där varje butik väljer vilka produkter man vill sälja som därefter marknadsförs mot sin lokala målgrupp. Se filmen.

Foodora väljer ADON InfoTech

Foodora har valt ADON InfoTech som tjänsteleverantör av lokal digital marknadsföring. Nu kan Foodoras över 7 500 butiker och restauranger på ett enkelt sätt nå sina lokala kunder genom smart digital annonsering. Se filmen

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